April 3, 2010

Caller to Michael Savage show claims to know Michael Meeks, one of the accused Hutaree group in Michigan. Meeks is not a terrorist, he insists, and planned to run for political office and was a member of Campaign for Liberty. If true, the revelation puts a different spin on the case than the one pushed by the FBI and corporate media. The whole case appears to be a government frame-up from top to bottom.

“A search of Hutaree militia member Michael Meeks’ residence turned up a cache of bullets and weapons, an extensive food supply and a a small plaque with barbed wire and the words ‘Remember Waco,’ prosecutors said in federal court” on April 1, according to

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In other words, Meeks was a patriot who practiced his Second Amendment right and was upset over the government slaughter of innocents at Waco. Apparently, this sort of behavior is a criminal offense, according to the government.

“Prosecutors said the search of Meeks’ living quarters found more than 1,000 tracer bullet rounds, 16 long guns, including an AK-47, and hundreds of cans of food, as well as the plaque referencing the deaths of more than 80 members of the group known as the Branch Davidians in a confrontation with federal agents on April 19, 1993.”

Many listeners to the Alex Jones Show collect entirely legal weapons (and, yes, a semi-automatic AK47 is still legal in the United States, for now), store food, and are outraged over Waco. Does this make them terrorists? The federal government thinks so.

It looks like the feds will base their case at least in part on this “evidence.” Patriots need to pay attention to this case. The Hutaree may have had some unusual religious beliefs, but not that unusual or different than those held by evangelical Christians.

If you follow and respect the Constitution, buy and store food, and practice religious beliefs outside of the mainstream, you are a terrorist.

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