“If we have one [neutron bomb] that is what’s going to be used, that is what Trump is hinting at,” radio host Michael Savage said in response to President Donald Trump’s threatening to unleash “fury and fire… never seen before” on North Korea’s Kim Jung Un, and his doubling down saying the threat wasn’t “tough enough.”

Dr. Savage believes the U.S. may still have reconstructed neutron bombs despite President George H. W. Bush once having them deconstructed, and described the situation as a “perfect storm for war.”

“My guess is that it’s going to happen, and it’s going to happen sooner than you think, and it’s going to happen in the blink of an eye, overnight,” the nationally syndicated host said. “The vermin of the media will make Trump the bad guy. So he has to wait.”

President Trump praised the recent U.N. sanctions vote, 15-0, against North Korea, but Dr. Savage worries there are North Korean operatives in the United States, “posing as engineers, scientists, doctors, waiters.”

“There could be North Korean agents with suitcase bombs in this country” due to the wide open border policy of President Obama, he warned.

Savage also brought up Samuel Cohen, the man who developed the neutron bomb who Dr. Savage described as the smartest man he ever interviewed. He was reminded of when President Dwight Eisenhower told Japan to surrender, before eventually bombing Hiroshima.

The interview took place in the 90s, and Cohen describes the neutron bomb as a blast that will preserve the life of innocent civilians, as it minimizes the radioactive blast range; a more penetrating, but controlled blast.

Though typically  a non-interventionist, Dr. Savage says something will have to happen in North Korea eventually, and should have happened long ago.

Recent news articles blamed the current situation on the blatant policy failures by the Clinton and Obama administrations.

Savage also breaks down the mostly unknown history of North Korea, including the murderous tactics of Kim Il Sung, the grandfather of Kim Jung Un, who established the communist dictatorship after World War II, following Stalinist tactics as well as Kim Jung Il, Un’s father, who as per family tradition, had multiple wives and mistresses, which the radio host believes is why radical leftists sympathize with the sexually deviant Kim dynasty.

Un’s goal remains to unite Korea in a police state dictatorship, and it’s widely believed that Un had his brother murdered, driven by jealousy and desire for power.

An armistice for the Korean War signed on July 27, 1953, but the conflict has never officially ended. The United States lost at least 33,000 soldiers in the war, with millions of casualties suffered overall.

Dr. Savage is also of the opinion that North Korea is China’s “junk yard dog” to control the trade war, specifically between the United States and China. President Trump did mention the trade war with China on Thursday, when taking questions regarding North Korea.

Trump has been talking tough on North Korea since 2015, when he entered the White House race. He’s even addressed the issue as far back at the 90s.

Interestingly, Savage’s comparison of the lust of the radical left to the Kim family tree can also extend to the ongoing Burning Man festival, an event which he relates to the biblical times of paganism leading to the end of days.

Would not a neutron bomb represent such a prophecy?

Kit Daniels also contributed to this report.

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