Jurriaan Maessen
May 5, 2009

Perfectly in line with Barack Obama’s plans for a nationwide youth movement to march the streets from sea to shiny sea, and reflective of Rahm Emanuel’s call for ‘universal civilian service for every young American’, a new phenomenon has taken to the streets that should send chills along every freedom-lover’s spine: 1Sky and the Climate Precinct Captains.

1Sky Campaign Director Gillian Caldwell.

Flooding the Internet and compliant media outlets, comes the murmuring voice of the managing director of 1Sky with a song that the transnationalists have sung for quite a while and is now resounding in a distinct higher pitch. ‘2009‘, the voice explains, ‘is critical for the U.S. climate movement. The opportunities available to us this year: a new Congress, new president and enormous momentum of change, make this year our last, best hope for implementing policies necessary to avoid climate catastrophe.’ As the 1Sky campaign director Gillian Caldwell explains: ‘1Sky has emerged in the past year ( ) as a new and highly collaborative national campaign in the United States catalyzing a society-wide movement in support of bold federal action to tackle global warming.’

On the ‘action page’ of the website 1Sky.Org the organization tries to add the young and susceptible inside their ranks by asking them to ‘become a 1Sky Climate Precinct Captain.’ Playing into the children’s inherent insecurities, the website reassures them: ‘You won’t be alone: you’ll be part of a nationwide network of 1Sky Climate Precinct Captains in each of the approximately 300,000 electoral precincts nationwide, working to make a difference. We’ll make sure you have all the materials you need: training information, how-to guides, materials such as posters, flyers and more.’

In order to avoid this imagined climate catastrophe the young men and women leave no tool unused to convey their message. In an October 2008 editorial of the Scientific American, ‘Mothers and Children Unite Under 1Sky’ the organization reveals its methods with the help of a telling example: ‘One way to get legislators to pay more attention to climate change is to put emotional massages in front of them.’ But the initial charm is wearing off in a hurry. Although the globalists keep a straight face, beneath the mask they are panicking to pose as a grassroots organization in the face of true grassroots opposition to the constant stream of globalists propaganda. The useful idiots and dim-eyed ideologues that make out the large bulk of the organization obviously have not the faintest idea what their master’s intentions are as they pound the streets in perfect goose-stepping fashion. Reminiscent of the endless torch parades that the Nazis were so fond of, a false sense of unity is created to put an entire people into suspended disbelief. Although at first glance they may seem an enthusiastic bunch, there is unmistakably something zombie-like about the whole thing- with exception of the wide-eyed power-tripping psychopaths in their midst who generously make up for the nothingness of the rest. On their website 1Sky.Org the organization elaborates on its stated objectives and the means with which they mean to accomplish them:

We need to summon a new natural resource- real political will. Help send a clear message to our leaders: America wants bold action on climate change (…). We’re using groundbreaking internet, communications and organizing strategies to combine the force of 350 organizational allies, 40 staff including 30 organizers in 20 states, over 130.000 climate advocates and volunteers. It’s game time for the climate movement, after 8 years of preventing climate policy, the U.S. is going to be a global leader. 1Sky has its role.’

It’s game time all right- but not necessarily with the United States on the forefront. The entire globalist campaign is picking up speed as global warming legislation is hurried through and ultimate poster-boy Al Gore is received with all the honors of royalty by subservient nations around the world. In 2007 the organization 1Sky was launched by the same families that have a long history of eradicating ‘undesirable’ people and energetically setting up private central banks worldwide. A member describing himself as a Climate Precinct Captain tells us that ‘in order to build a unified, nation-wide movement, we first needed a focal point- a set of science-based, achievable objectives that will truly turn the tide of climate change.’ And they soon found their focal point. From their maiden annual report, the 1Sky organizers give thanks to their prime beneficiary:

The 1Sky Education Fund gratefully acknowledges the support of our generous fiscal sponsors during our first year of operations: the Rockefeller Family Fund, the Garrison Institute, and Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities.’ And further on: ‘As we talk about the founding of 1Sky and look back on our last year, we cannot say enough about the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. They were with us at the beginning as 1Sky was created.’

The Rockefeller Brothers Fund’s program director for Sustainable Development Michael Northrop also comments on their recent injection of cash into 1Sky, explaining quite truthfully that as far as the Fund is concerned, environmentalism is just a means to an end:

[efoods] ‘It has always been much more than an environmental issue for us and explains why we have consistently supported efforts to take the global warming out of the green box in which it has found itself confined. By definition, the notion of sustainable development requires thinking outside the green box because it understands that environmental protection must be integrated with economic and social development. It proposes not only a green agenda to protect ecosystems but also a related human development agenda.’

As we know, ‘human development’ is nothing more than the adjusted and more acceptable term for that old and favorite toy of the elite, eugenics. As evidence of their transformational accomplishments, Northrop points to the reach of their annual grants to ‘green’ movements and other organizations:

Our grants database provides details on how the RBF has played a role in fostering this change. The Fund has supported groups that have carried the message of sustainable development to the business community, to investors, to people of faith, to the military, to athletes, to architects and builders, to governors, to mayors, and to young people (…). For further evidence of the converging climate conversation, witness what some of the largest banks in the world are doing. Three of them- Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, and Morgan Stanley- together announced standards for the financing of new coal-fired power plants in a deal struck with utilities and environmental groups.’

To make sure their investment is effectively streamlined with its age-old agenda, the Fund has a permanent plant inside the organization to monitor day to day operations. Jessica Bailey is the secretary of the Board of Directors of 1Sky and at the same time Program Officer for the Rockefeller Brothers Fund’s global and domestic Sustainable Development program. One of her colleagues serving on the board of directors at 1Sky is also not unfamiliar with so-called ‘sustainable development’ issues. James Gustave (‘Gus’) Speth has worked as an administrator of the United Nations Development Programme and Chair of the UN Development Group throughout the 1990s. Besides occupying a seat at the Board of Directors of 1Sky, Speth is currently on the payroll of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and Population Action International- another well-funded globalist-eugenics organization.

We may no longer be surprised to find the fingerprints of the eugenicists all over the birth certificate of 1Sky and other such initiatives. In 2007 the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation stepped in with a bag of money and an agenda, sending the young Climate Precinct Captain’s on their way to spread the good message from door to door. But 1Sky is only one out of many ‘environmental’ units groping around the land with full financial backing by calculating globalists and aristocratic transnationalists. Apparently unknowing about all this, the loyal members continue onwards all across the United States and the world. Mixed together with a shade of Soviet red, their flag is dipped in Al Gore-green as they continue to march along the streets of America, checking up on your ‘carbon-footprint’, with their gaze fixed firmly upon the leader.






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