Jason Linkins
Huffington Post
July 23, 2008

For all of my ideological differences with the man, I’ve always appreciated the way MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough has seemed to applaud and encourage people of all leanings to get engaged in the political life of the country. But I have to condemn his actions this morning, where he launched into an anti-blogger diatribe that was both defamatory and, even worse, cliched. Now, I’ll admit that I, having long given up blogging from home (which too often led to shameful practices, like the watching of Judging Amy reruns on TNT), personally benefit from actually coming into an office, where I am encouraged to wear actual pants and am soothed psychologically by the clickety-clack of other people’s keyboards. Still, the key difference between me and Joe Scarborough is that I am right on the “Surge” and he is wrong, and changing into my flannel footie PJ’s isn’t going to change that.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a bag full of crushed up Cheeto dust to mail to MSNBC’s Manhattan headquarters.

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