President Trump’s campaign rally in Pennsylvania was “like a Mussolini rally,” said MSNBC host Joe Scarborough.

“He talked about the fake media, he got people booing,” Scarborough said Monday. “The booing is getting stronger by the day whenever he goes out there and whips up like it’s a Mussolini rally – and yes, that’s what I said.”

He added there was “nothing American about” Trump’s barbed comments against NBC and Chuck Todd, who he called a “sleepy-eyed son of a bitch” on Saturday.

Scarborough even went as far as to say Trump wants to incite “death threats” against the mainstream media.

“When you’re in rallies like that, and you whip your supporters into a frenzy, there are real-life consequences to that,” he said. “Threats follow, often death threats, uh…and that is actually unfortunately exactly what he wants.”

What Scarborough failed to mention was there’s a reason the crowd booed the media.

Public trust of the media is at an all-time low among both Democrats and Republicans, according to a Trust Barometer report.

It’s not a crowd of Trump supporters that are extreme, it’s the mainstream corporate media that tells you Trump colluded with Russia despite zero evidence, that demands Americans turn in their guns, censors certain points of view, and calls anyone they disagree with “Nazis.”

Benito Mussolini was the fascist Italian dictator allied with Adolf Hitler as part of the Axis Powers during World War II who, ironically, used mass media for censorship and propaganda to persuade the population into accepting his police state.

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