Epic video out of South Carolina shows a man confronting Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) for reading a made up version of the Trump transcript with Ukraine’s president on national television during a House Intelligence Committee hearing last week.

“So, flying out of Greenville – Spartanburg tonight,” the man tweeted with the video on Sunday. “Who is at my gate? @RepAdamSchiff the biggest liar in DC! Can’t even answer simple questions about his lies last week on camera. What a beta, can’t defend himself when confronted. And his aid called me a cocksucker off cam.”

“Hey so why did you lie to Congress and the committee the other day on TV?” the man asked Schiff. “Why did you make it up?”

“I’m here for a wedding,” said Schiff, taken aback.

“It doesn’t matter,” the man said. “When I’m at home, at home to watch…”

“I’m really not interested in talking with you,” Schiff responded.

“Why don’t you just tell the truth when you’re on TV, about Trump? You gotta lie about it?” the man continued.

Schiff replied, “Have a nice day,” as he continued walking.

Schiff, who chairs the House Intel Committee, roundly received criticism for outright libeling President Trump after he recited a fan fiction account of the phone call that transpired between Trump and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky discussing 2020 Democrat Joe Biden’s potential corruption.

Trump suggested Monday that Schiff should be arrested for treason for deliberately misleading the American people to further the Democrats’ agenda of removing Trump before the 2020 election — REAL election interference.

“Rep. Adam Schiff illegally made up a FAKE & terrible statement, pretended it to be mine as the most important part of my call to the Ukrainian President, and read it aloud to Congress and the American people. It bore NO relationship to what I said on the call. Arrest for Treason?”


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