Officials at an elementary school in Manatee County, Florida called police to investigate possible “lewd and lascivious” behavior after two students “kissed on the lips.”

The Smoking Gun reports Manatee County Sheriff’s Deputy April Culbreath responded to a call by school officials after two 7-year-old students allegedly kissed on the lips in class in late April.

According to the incident report generated by the potentially “unnatural and lascivious” kiss, “Allegations were made that 7-year-old (redacted) kissed 7-year-old (redacted) on the lips during class yesterday,” reports.

“I spoke with the childrens’ teacher who witnessed the incident and (redacted) was not at the school to be interviewed,” Culbreath wrote. “There is no indication that there was anything sexual about this incident and there is no evidence to support a violation of (Florida law) in this case.”

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