A number of students at San Antonio’s McCollum High School were charged with inciting a riot for their involvement in a food fight that took place at the school this Thursday just after noon.

“It was a rowdy food fight. There were plates all over the floor, and corn in the air and some milk cartons as well,” student Adrian Toscano told KSAT-TV.

For some reason, the staff at the school was not able to control the situation, and they ended up calling the police, who came in and arrested ten students for inciting a riot.

“Inciting a riot is because there was 900 kids in the cafeteria when the food fight started. Everybody rushed out, and it caused somewhat of a stampede out there,” district spokeswoman Leslie Garza told KSAT-TV.

Parents should reconsider public schools for a variety of different reasons, but now it has reached the point where sending your children to public school could become a potential liability. Any case of “kids being kids” can quickly escalate to a violent or legally hazardous situation.

As we reported last week, mother and substitute teacher Julie Giles was arrested this week because her son had too many unexcused absences from public school.

A brief and understandably shakey video captured some of the “criminals” in action.

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