Administrators at a public school in Texas are investigating why more than 20 elementary school students were lined up and forced to drop their drawers in an unorthodox examination that many parents say went too far.

On Monday, several school children reported being divided into male and female groups at a school in the small North Texas town of Gustine, where they were ordered to enter separate rooms and expose their underwear for “poop inspections.”

The school’s justification? Faculty members “have been finding poop on the gym floor,” according to WFAA.

“I said I didn’t want to, but I was told I had to because all the kids had to,” recalled 11-year-old Eliza Medina.

“I felt uncomfortable, and I didn’t want to do it,” the young student claimed. “I felt like they violated my privacy.”

Medina’s mother, Maria, says she was angered when she learned teachers told kids “To pull down their pants to check them to see if they could find anything.”

“I was furious… I mean, I was furious,” the outraged mother said. “If you can’t do your job or you don’t know what you’re doing, you need to be fired. You shouldn’t be here.”

The Gustine Independent School District Superintendent, Ken Baugh, reportedly condemned the school’s invasive search for the serial pooper

“That’s not appropriate, and we do not condone that. So you would take disciplinary action,” Baugh told WFAA.

However, the superintendent also said he was under the impression that kids had only been asked to “lower their pants just a little,” according to reports he’d reviewed.

Eliza countered the educator’s claim, describing the underwear search as going all the way down to “Like… to where your butt is.”

The school declined Infowars’ request for comment.

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