A mother in Meridian, Idaho is speaking out after a school nurse administered a flu vaccine to her 8-year-old child without her permission.

The West Ada School District, which is running a flu vaccination pilot program, allegedly vaccinated the third grader by mistake according to school administrators.

The child’s mother, Letisha Huff, says the misstep could have been detrimental to her young son’s health.

“At first I was very, very upset,” Huff told KTVB.

Although the district requires parents to sign a consent form beforehand, school administrators claim that Huff’s son was confused with an absent student with the same first name.

“These are our children, these are not Guinea pigs,” Huff said. “This isn’t something we should be practicing. They should know what they’re doing.”

According to the nurse who administered the vaccine, Huff’s son allegedly obtained and presented her with the other student’s permission slip – although information on how the boy obtained the slip was not provided.

“I see there is two Zacharys in that class, and that certainly doesn’t excuse it, but now I understand how he ended up with a consent in hand,” the nurse said. “The other Zachary was absent that day.”

Eric Exline, a representative with the school district, stated that the pilot program would continue regardless, asserting that schools would now “triple-check” permission slips.

Given the possible adverse reactions and reoccurring nature of such situations, the decision to allow school’s to vaccinate children has slowly lead to an erosion of parental rights.

Just last March, a 14-year-old Canadian girl was pulled from class and given multiple vaccinations unannounced. According to reports, the public nurse who administered the vaccines even failed to check the student’s medical history beforehand.

“The fact that they did this without our knowledge or consent sickens me, sickens me,” the student’s father said. “I’ve never felt so violated.”

In 2012, a 14-year-old student in Detroit developed a severe rash after the school’s nurse demanded she take four vaccinations as well.

“I’m angry with everybody,” the student’s mother said. “You know, St. John’s should have better nurses… How are you going to overlook something like this – you injected my child with medicine I never wanted her to have.”

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