September 28, 2009

Last week we reported on New Jersey school kids forced to sing a song worshiping Obama adapted from a religious hymn called “Jesus Loves The Little Children.” Now another song has emerged, this time elevating Obama to the status of Martin Luther King. According to a note accompanying the video on YouTube, the song was recorded in November, 2008, shortly after Obama “won” the election.

Here are the lyrics:

The Obama Song (“Proud American”)
By Mr. B and the students of Room 8
February 2009

Obama is the President!
First African America in history
44th president of the United States
The ground has shifted
The world has changed!

Oooo Im a proud American
Oooo yes yes yes yes YES WE CAN!

Im going to study really hard just like Barack
Learning never ever stops
Gonna set my goals HIGH and graduate
You might be looking at the President of 2048!

We are a nation of a thousand colors, look at me
Our strength is our diversity
Walking hand in hand we sing
Each a day a little closer to the dream of Dr. King

(Exerpt from MLK’s “I Have a Dream, 1963)

Together we walk
Me and you
So so much work
Left to do.

The teacher wrote the following: “Obama’s victory opened their minds to the possibility that they too could one day be commander in chief.”

More propaganda. None of these children will become the “commander-in-chief” (of illegal mass murder campaigns in the third word), not unless they are handpicked by the global elite, go through a Skull and Bones initiation, are groomed for the Trilateral Commission, the Council On Foreign Relations, and the Bilderberg Group, or end up serving the banksters at Goldman Sachs or Bank of Amerika. They are the wrong pedigree.

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