Former First Lady Michelle Obama on Friday claimed school children are “eating crap” due to President Donald Trump’s policies.

Speaking at an annual health conference in Washington DC, Obama criticized the Trump administration’s decision to relax requirements for “healthy” school lunches, labeling his motive “political.”

“You have to stop and think, ‘Why don’t you want our kids to have good food at school? What is wrong with you and why is that a partisan issue?” Obama stated. “Why would that be political?”

“Moms, think about this. I don’t care what state you live in, take me out of the equation, like me, don’t like me, but think about why someone is OK with your kids eating crap,” she said.

Obama was referring to the Trump administration’s decision to delay lunch rules included in the former First Lady’s “Let’s move” initiative, among which students were required to grab a vegetable and a fruit with each lunch line meal.

For many, the former first lady’s remarks come with a healthy dose of irony given that Michelle Obama’s name became synonymous with terrible school lunches during President Barack Obama’s second term.

As the Obama administration rolled out its Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act in 2012, students began rejecting the “healthy” lunches en masse, posting photos of the horrible meals to social media with the hashtag #ThanksMichelleObama.

According to the Government Accountability Office, more than 1 million school children stopped buying school lunches after Obama’s program went into effect.

“The new standards led to kids throwing out their fruits and vegetables, student boycotts, higher lunch costs, and odd food pairings such as ‘cheese stick with shrimp’ in order for schools to comply with the complicated rules,” reported The Washington Times.

Below are a few examples of why Michelle Obama has no room to say kids are “eating crap” under Trump:

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