September 12, 2011

After a survey indicated 40 percent of Ohio teens had not been vaccinated against meningococcal disease, nurses began educating families about the health issue.

The Ohio Association of School Nurses, Cleveland and Cuyahoga County health officials, and the Consortium for Healthy and Immunized Communities Inc. are lending their support to the National Association of School Nurses’ Voices of Meningitis campaign to increase meningitis vaccination rates among preteens and teens in Cleveland and Cuyahoga County.

“I didn’t know the meningitis vaccine even existed, until my family experienced the devastation this disease can cause firsthand,” Cindy Krejny, who lost her daughter Erin to the disease, says in a statement. “Other families need to know this disease may be prevented through vaccination. I do not want another family to experience what we went through.”

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