Will Sen. Dianne Feinstein now demonize cutlery?

April 9, 2014

Time to microstamp knives? Photo: Thirteen of Clubs via Flickr
Time to microstamp knives? Photo: Thirteen of Clubs via Flickr

A high school student in Pennsylvania went on a stabbing spree earlier today. 20 people between the ages of 15 and 17 were stabbed in numerous classrooms throughout the school before classes had begun, according to Westmoreland County officials.

School shootings have resulted in demands from the Obama administration and Congress for laws scaling back the Second Amendment. Piers Morgan and other media figures have railed against the idea citizens have a right to own firearms.

Is it possible they will now move to restrict the use of knives and other sharp instruments? Will the government create a national cutlery database? Will there be a move to microstamp buck knives?

Before you dismiss this as lunacy consider the fact dozens of countries have laws restricting and outlawing knives. In Britain, where you can go to prison for carrying a pocket knife, the idea of outlawing kitchen knives was considered.

The logic used by the anti-Second Amendment crowd dictates they now go after steak knives. It only makes sense. Do it for the children.

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