Editor’s Note: On the surface, this issue could be viewed as a positive, pluralistic development. No doubt that there are scores of concerned and responsible parents involved in California’s pro-school-reform campaign. But upon closer examination, we should note here that this ‘Parent Revolution’ is a Los Angeles organization – funded in part by international eugenicist outfit the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This alone, warrants further investigation into the aims and long-range goals of this Parent Revolution. Will their long-range goals conflict with home schooling, or will the Gates Foundation intervene with policies on forced vaccinations (this is an emerging issue in California schools right now)? These are key questions.

Lyndsey Layton
Washington Post
March 6, 2012

ADELANTO, Calif. — The national battle over the best way to fix failing schools is ripping through this desert town like a sandstorm, tearing apart a community that is testing a radical new approach: the parent takeover.

Parents here are trying to become the first in the country to use a trigger law, which allows a majority of families at a struggling school to force major changes, from firing the principal to closing the school and reopening it as an independent charter. All they need to do to wrest control is sign a petition.

The idea behind the 2010 California law — placing ultimate power in parents’ hands — resonates with any parent who has felt frustrated by school bureaucracy.

“We just decided we needed to do something for our children,” said Doreen Diaz, a parent organizing the trigger effort. “If we don’t stand up and speak for them, their future is lost.”

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