A school forced a 14-year-old student into an isolation booth after he shaved his head to raise money for a cancer charity.

Staff at Churchill Academy in North Somerset, United Kingdom, told the student, Stan Lock, his “number zero” hairstyle was against school rules and placed him in an all-day isolation booth as punishment until his hair grows back, which could take several weeks.

“He came home on Friday evening and said that he had decided he wanted to shave his hair off for charity,” his mother told The Mirror. “I thought it was a great idea.”

“We’ve had a number of friends and family affected by cancer, and though it has been nothing recent, it is something that’s been playing on his mind.”

But when he returned home Monday, he was worried he was in serious trouble over the haircut, she added.

“The next day he ended up in isolation and was told that he would have to stay there until his hair grew back to at least a number two,” his mother said. “I’ve tried speaking to the headteacher but he says if he lets one student off with it the other 1,400 might follow.”

“It’s madness.”

Unfortunately, it’s pretty routine for schools to suspend and even expel students for violating “zero tolerance” policies with harmless – and in this case well-intentioned – behavior.

Back in March, a Colorado girl was suspended from school after she shaved her head in support of her friend who was undergoing chemotherapy for Stage 4 cancer.

“She didn’t shave her head to be a part of a gang or a rebel,” one mother told told NBC 11 News after learning the school’s decision. “She shaved her head to show her friend that she wasn’t alone.”

And a Ohio high school student was arrested and expelled last year after school officials searched his car without his consent and found a pocket knife.

The knife was part of the student’s EMT training kit used to cut seat belts of accident victims in crashed cars.

“I declined to allow them to search myself or my car and that I wanted to talk to my lawyer or my father,” the student, Jordan Wiser, told Fox News. “They told me it wasn’t an option.”

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