March 3, 2009

Arnold Schwarzenegger loves his Totenkopf Nazi death’s head belt buckle. The California gov was spotted wearing it at the CeBIT 2009 IT conference in Hanover, Germany, according to Spiegel Online (article in German). CeBIT 2009 is billing Schwarzenegger as one of California’s "technology leaders" at the conference.

A Spiegel photographer snapped the photo below of Schwarzenegger wearing his beloved belt buckle. “An accessory as symbol of the difficult times?” ponders Spiegel in the photo’s caption.

Arnie Nazi buckle

In 2007, Arnie appeared on the cover of Time Magazine with New York Mayor Mayor Michael Bloomberg. He proudly displayed the now infamous Nazi buckle in the photo and Bloomberg didn’t seem to care, even though he is a Jew of Russian and Polish descent. No shortage of Jews from Russia and Poland fell victim to the Nazis. Arnie’s father, Gustav, was an Austrian police chief and member of the Nazi Party and SA.

Schwarzenegger was tight with Kurt Waldheim, the former secretary general of the United Nations who had a little problem with his image — Waldheim had participated in Nazi atrocities as an intelligence officer in the notorious German Army Group E during World War II. Group E committed mass murder in the Kozara region of western Bosnia and Waldheim’s name appears on the Wehrmacht’s "honor list" of those responsible for the atrocity.

So tight was Arnie with Kurt, he invited him to his wedding but Waldheim didn’t attend because he was on a watch list denying entry to "any foreign national who assisted or otherwise participated in activities amounting to persecution during World War II."

In March, 1992, a Spy Magazine article highlighted Schwarzenegger’s love of Hitler’s speeches, a proclivity documented by "a businessman and longtime friend of Schwarzenegger’s." During the filming of his 1970s movie, "Pumping Iron," Arnie admits his fondness for Hitler, although this footage was excised from the final version of the film. For more details, see the Arnold Exposed website.

It should probably come as no surprise Schwarzenegger’s Nazi fetish was in full bloom while representing the state of California in Germany. Obviously, the man is an unrepentant fascist, the sort of leader admired by the New World Order.

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