A physics professor who blamed “cultural Marxism” for punishing scientists if they challenge the idea that “microaggressions,” “gaslighting,” and “mansplaining” are preventing women from succeeding in STEM has been suspended and is under an ethics investigation.

Alessandro Strumia of the University of Pisa said many people warned him before he gave his presentation at the first workshop on “High Energy Theory and Gender” at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) last week. Strumia’s talk pushed back against the widespread movement in academia that STEM fields are discriminatory toward women.

“Physics is not sexist against women,” his presentation concluded. “However truth does not matter, because it’s part of a political battle coming from outside.”

“Not clear who will win,” he said.

Strumia has since been suspended by CERN for violating its commitment to “promoting diversity.” The organization also scrubbed his presentation from the workshop website. Pisa put him under an “ethical investigation.”

Numerous news outlets have reported Strumia’s talk as “highly offensive” for saying physics was “invented and built by men.” The quote, however, comes from a slide in which Strumia discussed actual examples of discrimination against women in physics.

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