At the recent high-level climate change conference in London, a fundamental error in climate science was revealed for the first time. 

The much-vaunted “climate consensus” turns out to have been wrong all along.

At the London conference, 80 Professors, 60 Doctors of Science and 40 other experts, including Piers Corbyn, brother of Britain’s opposition leader, who has a first-class degree in Astrophysics, were shocked to learn that the error, first introduced a generation ago when climate scientists borrowed feedback math from electronic network analysis without really understanding it, is the reason for their exaggerated predictions of how much global warming Man may cause.

Without that error, no one would ever have tried to pretend that global warming is a global crisis.

Once the error is corrected – which will happen when the paper describing it in mathematical detail is published in a leading scientific journal – the climate scare will be officially over.

Last year I published a paper in the learned journal Energy & Environment drawing attention to a problem deep in the math used by climate modelers to fabricate their profitable predictions of doom.

At that time I was hunting for the error that had caused the problem, but had not found it. The editor of the journal, Sonja Boehmer-Christensen, allowed me to write the paper simply to ask for the scientific community’s help in finding the error that had led to the problem.

A few weeks ago George White, an electronics engineer, contacted me to say that there were indeed several small errors in the way models handle climate feedbacks, which are changes that are thought to amplify the small direct warming from doubled CO2 concentration.

I looked at the equations and found not only the small errors but a very large and very serious error. Because of that error, climate extremists have been predicting as much as 10-12 Celsius degrees’ global warming for every doubling of the CO2 in the air.

The error is so grievous that the arrogant profiteers who have made fortunes out of pretending the science is settled could be thrown out of business overnight – and good riddance.

During my closing keynote presentation at the conference, I ran through the mathematics and physics of this discovery in some detail.

To learn more about the error that caused the climate scam, and to see and hear what my distinguished audience of professors, doctors and fathers of science thought about this important breaking news, feel free to visit YouTube today and watch my half-hour talk:

The climate scare is now officially over. What scam will the totalitarians dream up next? The world will not be so willing to trust the profiteers of doom a second time.

Lord Christopher Monckton is a well-known journalist, public speaker, UKIP activist and “global warming” skeptic who also invented the mathematical puzzle Eternity. You can find him at the Lord Monckton Foundation.


His Lordship entertains delegates onstage after the conference with a little Schubert

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