The International Academy for Regulatory Medicine and Consciousness Research, INAKARB (in memoriam Prof. Baevsky) with Clinical Practice
is a Centre for Health, Instruction and Seminars where its initiator Prof.* Dr. med. Enrico Edinger, Doktor NAUK* (Doktor d. Wissenschaften) *VEKK – Moscow Specialist for Neurology and Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Energy Medicine, unites conventional medicine and university-grade, quality-assured holistic medicine with high-quality space travel medical processes at one location.

For many years Prof. Edinger has concerned himself with research into chronic illnesses and their prevention, improving the performance of patients and athletes and improving the capacity of the brain to learn in both children and adults.

In order to do this he constantly exchanges information on various disciplines with scientists from all over the world such as the head of the International Space Travel Authority, Prof. Baevsky, the head of the International Union, Prof. Zagriadski (Zadriadski was able to bring Dr. Poliakov safely back to earth, both healthy and rejuvenated, after 437 days in orbit), the world renowned neurophysiologist, sleep researcher and space travel medicine specialist Prof. Hecht (Technical University Berlin), the author of the book “Living Cells” Prof. Bruce Lipton (Wisconsin) as well as Prof. Trofimov (Novosibirsk), the doctor who has made a name for himself with his research into optimised rejuvenation science through cosmic influences, or the well-known quantum and cosmo physicist, Dr. Dieter Brörs, who is responsible for the invention of the unique DNA repair system Mega wave, the chemist and quantum physicist Dr. Klaus Volkamer, the first scientist in the world to be able to measure fine quantums and the main developer of the ionised oxygen method which has had a strong influence on tumours and athlete regulation, performance enhancement and anti-ageing, Prof. Ivan Engler (Salzburg) one of the most successful physicists and psychologists in the implementation of theoretical brain and learning research in children and adults, Günther Haffelder (Stuttgart) as well as various American Institutes of space travel and heart coherence research such as the Heart Math Institute in California or the Centre for Noetic Science for Research and Education in Petaluma and finally his co-operation with the globally renowned cell researcher Prof. Carlo Ventura (Bologna), who is now in a position to activate adult stem cells in order to regrow organ tissue etc.

In a unique concept based on long-term experiences and in co-operation with leading scientists, it has been possible for the first time ever to develop a scientific method of aetiological diagnostics and therapy which uses a holistic approach to medicine while looking at personal mental, physical and spiritual resources based on the regulatory and energy principles of the human body. With these methods it is possible to estimate even the most saphenous physical and psychological states many years in advance in their individual interpretation and holistic function and optimise them or cure them.

Chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, cancer, allergies and other auto-immune diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, burnout syndrome, depression, sleep disorders and many other illnesses which are on the increase. To-day, we are exposed to extreme psychological and physical stress. This stress may be found at even more extreme levels in space travel.

Sources of radiation (mobile phones, WiFi, radio waves etc.) are increasing dramatically and they damage DNA (more than 161 protein groups are destroyed in the blood-brain barrier during a 5 minute mobile telephone call).

Thousands of chemical substances can be found in our environment, which were completely unknown 100 years ago. This means that our stone-age de-toxification system is unable to cope, so that the regeneration of the glutathione system (which can be found in nerve and immune cells, the liver and the brain for detoxification) as well as the genetic transcription factor NRF2 which catches radicals are becoming increasingly important.

We are getting fewer and fewer vitamins from our food (according to Hoffmann, we would currently need to eat 138 organic apples per day!!) Fruit and vegetables barely contain 10% of the minerals that they did 15 years ago. Personal stress due to stimulus satiation is ever increasing. This all leads to a breakdown of the body’s own regulation mechanisms. The above-mentioned illnesses then occur and at least the symptoms of burnout or feelings of weakness, depression or exhaustion.

Discoveries in treatment and research are not concerned with symptoms. Rather they explain the causes of the illness and how the body can be brought back to healthy regulation ranges, or self-healing mode.

This is done by using not only innovative technical frequency processes such as SCIO or NYLISA (non-linear regulation system) but also a concept from original space research for the optimisation of cells and mitochondria combined with visuo-mental processes which are subject to constant measurement and evaluation.

The parent organisations, the International Academy for Regulatory Medicine and Consciousness Research, INAKARB, and the clinical practice of Prof. Edinger have experienced sensational success not only in the treatment of chronic illnesses with these therapies, but also in the areas of prevention and increasing performance in managers and athletes and the improvement in learning capacity in children and in the area of rejuvenation medicine.

The use of purely conventional medicine to re-establish regulation of the body with individual cell speeds of 1015 reactions per second (which corresponds to the amount of ants on the entire planet) is nowhere near sufficient. Quantum laws of information are applied, with which the individual becomes a participant in and the changer of his bodily conditions and therefore, his illnesses, by means of his own emotional awareness information (taught in seminars here!). Our genes can be influenced not only by using super-speed frequency scanners, but also by ourselves – mentally (epigenetics).

By altering our emotions and our awareness we send out control thought signals (quantum information) via the electromagnetic waves produced by our brain, which, according to Volkamer, are always connected to the fine material waves of dark matter and dark energy (bosons). We do this in order to influence or correct faults in our DNA either directly or epigenetically (Heart Math Institute, California). This is systematically taught to all test subjects and is a vital part of our therapy.

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