Fox News invited Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert comic strip series, to break down the latest Time Magazine cover.

Time unveiled their latest cover on Friday showing President Trump drowning inside the Oval Office, a reference to the multitude of fake news scandals facing his presidency.

Appearing on Fox & Friends Friday, Adams explained how he applies his “Bigfoot test” to fake news in order to determine its veracity.

“You notice we’re in two different realities now. In one reality, the President keeps violating all these things which are not actual laws,” Adams notes, going on to list issues Trump haters are mad about, including alleged Russia collusion, obstruction, the Trump tower meeting and payments to porn star Stormy Daniels.

“So part of the country believes he’s a serial lawbreaker. The other side sees absolutely nothing happening,” Adams says.

“And I usually apply what I call the ‘Bigfoot test’ to those two realities, which is: two hunters go into the forest and they come back and one of them says, ‘We talked to BigFoot,’ and the other hunter says, ‘I was with you the whole time. I didn’t see Bigfoot.’ Which one of them is crazy? Well it’s usually the one who’s seeing things that isn’t there.”

Adams further broke down his “Bigfoot test” and the “insanity inversion” later on a Periscope broadcast:

Addressing how fake news tends to over-sensationalize Trump stories in order to make them worse than they really are, Adams also said he takes cues from veteran Washington Post reporter Carl Bernstein, who constantly says Trump’s scandals are “worse than Watergate.”

“Every time the president is accused of something that sounds bad when you first hear it, I get worried until Carl comes on and says it’s worse than Watergate, and I go, ‘Oh, whew it’s nothing,’ [laughs] because that’s sort of your signal.”

Watch the entire interview here:


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