Paul Joseph Watson
November 24, 2010

A man kicked off today’s National Opt Out Day protest against TSA screening measures in a bold fashion, stripping down to his speedo’s with the words “Screw Big Sis” scrawled on his back before passing through security at Salt Lake City International Airport.

Telling screeners that he was stripping down as a “safety precaution,” a TSA worker barked, “put your clothes back on,” before fetching a supervisor, who asked the man to put his shirt back on but stopped short of saying he was legally obligated to do so.

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The man refused to put his shirt back on and walked through the metal detector, telling TSA agents he was making a “political statement,” before TSA workers responded in a mocking fashion.

“Why the speedo? With the way TSA screening is going it only seems like the next logical requirement for getting on an airplane,” writes the blogger behind the protest. “Soon TSA will be having us strip down to make the screening process more efficient, but not if we take a stand. In this sense Jimmy was merely obliging the TSA, but he was also exposing the ridiculousness of their policies. With the full-body scanners and TSA agents putting their hands down our pants, let’s be honest, a speedo is pretty modest.”

“As I walked away an airport employee jokingly turned to me and said, ‘Big Sis is watching you’ and I couldn’t agree with him more,” states the man.

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“And I think it’s about time that she knows we’re watching her too.”

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