Video: Communist Party of China Issues Direct Message To The American People

Throwing down the gauntlet, the central committee tells Americans to submit to their fate.

Red Flag Gun Laws Are Rooted In Communist Methods Of Oppression

Gun ownership is as integral to a free society as free speech and property rights.

Watch Live: Democrats Call for Communist Revolution and Civil War During Third Presidential Debate

Beto and other dems openly admit they’re coming for your guns.

Red Flag Gun Laws Are Rooted In Communist Methods Of Oppression

Once Pandora’s box of pre-crime & hearsay evidence is opened, the sky is the limit for the violation of American constitutional rights

Study: The Only Place On Earth More Surveilled Than London Is Communist China

There is no correlation between safety and surveillance.

Communist China Plans Largest Military Parade in Its History for 70th Anniversary

The parade will reportedly showcase some of China’s most advanced weapons.

Communist Chinese Quote Taylor Swift In Attack On President Trump

State media argues that Trump is bluffing with trade threats, cites pop star as evidence.

Fast Company: Silicon Valley Is Building a Communist-style ‘Social Credit’ System

Citizens whose score drops low enough can find themselves subject to strict punishment, including bans from the use of public transport, exclusion from top jobs, and prohibitions on their children attending top-rated schools.

Exclusive: Hong Kong Protesters Condemn Extradition Bill, Tyranny from Communist China

Protesters hide faces for fear of being identified through facial recognition software.

Hong Kong’s Police And Triad Gang Working For Communist Chinese

Check out Infowars’ exclusive coverage of the ongoing situation.

Communist NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Wishes Dem “Comrades” Good Luck

The Democratic Party is the party of Communists and Socialists.

AOC: Calling People “Communists” Associated With “White Supremacy”

The left really doesn’t like it when Americans call them out for what they are.

SJW Attacks On America’s Culture, A Prelude To Communist Revolution

The liberal mob is bent on dominating and destroying humanity.

Peter Thiel: “Woke” Google Employees Prefer Communist China to America

Aiding in transfer of AI technology because of their “woke” anti-American politics.

Communists Burn Flag, Get Arrested For Brawling When People Try To Stop Them

They get stopped by what looks like a vet who grabs the flag while it’s burning and puts the fire out with this hands.

The Communist Overthrow Of The United States is Now Live

Tune in to find out what you can do to save America.

Communist Party USA hails Dems’ shift left at 100th birthday bash in Chicago

Even full-fledged communism is winning elections in some of the country’s most liberal cities.

Report: Italy’s Communist Regime Conspired Against Trump and the American People

Firing of top Italian spies related to Obama plot to set up President Trump in Hillary email scandal.

Both Comey And Brennan Voted Communist While Cold War Was Raging

Both voted for Communist Party candidates

Watch: Alex Jones Responds to Facebook Purge / Hillary Clinton Calls For Communist China To Overthrow Trump and The American Republic

Globalist, Deep State collaborators know their days are numbered and are set to launch a deadly counteroffensive. Tune in live to stop their attack!

Communists Plotted To Frame Trump For Russian Connection

Communists in the highest levels of government have been using misinformation about Trump and Russia to further their agenda.

Video: NZ Shooter Is A Leftist Communist Sympathizer

Not so fast leftist opportunists.

Pope: Christians Shouldn’t Fear Looking Like Communists

Vatican continues pushing far-left ideology on Catholics.

Live Video: Communist Hellhole Venezuela Descends Into Bloody Civil War, Plus Trump Battles to End Shutdown

This exclusive, live transmission dives into the day’s top stories including the latest on the media attacks on Covington High School.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal is Communist Bullsh*t

What else would you expect from the young socialist?

Global Crisis! China’s Communist Dictator Announces Plans To Invade Taiwan & Preemptively Attack US

All of this on top of the Democrats launching impeachment proceedings against president illustrates how much this world is in crisis.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal is Communist Bullsh-t

American people don’t want 70% tax rate for ‘utopian’ pipedream.

After Decades of American Surrender to Chinese Trade War, Communists Agree to Negotiate w/ Trump

Trump declares end to U.S. surrender, Communists agree to talk.

Communist China Has Been Set Up By Globalists To Win

NWO platform begins with China’s communist authoritarianism.

Infowars Reporter Harrassed At Border By Radical Communists

Check out this footage of angry leftists surrounding a female reporter.

China’s Communist Party “Taking Over” Country’s Government – Report

Xi Jinping expanded personal power by adding to constitution

Communists Allowed to Plan Violent Insurrection on Twitter

Meanwhile, Infowars accounts suspended.