Bernie and Bloomberg Get Ugly as Democrat Presidential Race Heats Up: Livestream

Establishment’s billionaire candidate takes on popular communist revolutionary.

WHO Holds Secret Talks With Tech Giants To Stop Spread of Coronavirus “Misinformation”

Despite the fact that some things labeled “misinformation” turned out to be true.

Leading Medical Journal Reports Coronavirus Highly Contagious & More Deadly Than Initially Estimated

Communist China refuses to disclose the true scale of the pathogen.

Democrat Senate Candidate Unveils Guillotine As New Campaign Logo

Socialist candidate says execution device a ‘symbol of the work we have to do.’

Cruise Ship Coronavirus Cases Spike 30%; First Death Recorded In Europe

Toll of infected passengers and crew aboard ‘The Diamond Princess’ climbs to 285.

China Now Censoring Coronavirus Critics in US

Chinese tech companies deleting, blocking posts

Shock Video: Man in Hazmat Gear Barges Into Chinese Office, Douses Everything in Chemical Spray

Office workers stay frozen in place as man marches through their workspace

Watch Bernie Sanders Praise Food Lines, Communism & Socialism

Show this video to people who don’t think Sanders is a full-blown commie.

Chris Matthews Fears Bernie’s Socialist Dystopia – Left Loses It

Matthews is also famous for his almost creepy adoration of former President Barack Obama

Most Cringe “Woke” Oscars Moments

From advocating communist principles to slamming ‘climate deniers,’ the 2020 Oscars were awash in liberal BS.

Swedish Communist Party: The Left Has Abandoned the Working Class For Migrants & LGBT

Identity politics has supplanted income inequality and the cost of living.

The Clinton Machine Will Do Anything To Stop Bernie Sanders

‘That machine never went away…’

BEIJING FALLS TO CORONAVIRUS… capital of China locked down under pandemic quarantine

China’s capital city of Beijing is now under a pandemic lock down / quarantine order.

Is The 2019-nCoV Bioweapon The Black Swan Event To Destroy Globalism?

Power of China’s Communist government may now simply be an illusion.

Pompeo Sounds Alarm Over China’s Attempt To Suppress Free Speech In America

Secretary of State warns nation’s governors to be wary of Communist Party’s influence.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Suggests Bernie Sanders Could Assassinate Political Opponents if President

Comes after Project Veritas undercover videos found Sanders field organizers calling for interning Trump supporters in gulags.

Cremation Vans running 24/7 as China Orders Door-to-Door Mass Roundups of Infected Citizens

Chinese citizens soon placed in ‘quarantine prison camps’

Citizen Journalists Who Exposed Beijing’s Lies In Wuhan Suddenly Vanish

Chicoms cracking down on truth about coronavirus crisis

“Death” Smog Suffocates Wuhan: Residents Fear Crematoriums Burning Victims 24-7

Creepy footage of a smoggy Wuhan could be smoke from the city’s dead being burned en masse.

China to Lower 2020 Economic Growth Expectations On Coronavirus Outbreak

Budding pandemic could deliver heavy blow to Chinese economy

China Exposed: All Of The Ways They Have Been Hiding True Coronavirus Numbers

Severity of deadly pathogen downplayed and suppressed by Communist government.

Muslim Cleric Issues Fatwa Calling For Coronavirus “Annihilation” of Chinese People

Media more concerned about “racist” bat soup memes.

Trump: Bernie Sanders Is A Communist

President jokes that Bloomberg needs a box to stand on for debates; media fact checks the claim.

Is This The Real Reason Why The Coronavirus Is Absolutely Devastating China?

There is no doubt that the communist Chinese government has declared war on the Christian faith.

Breaking Now: Scientists Confirm Coronavirus Man-Made…Contains ‘pShuttle-SN’ Sequence Proving Laboratory Origin

Experts believe may be Chinese vaccine experiment gone wrong — watch & share this link!

Watch: How China Is Enforcing The Corona Quarantine By Drone

The country is using drones, specifically DJI drones with front-mounted speakers, to fly around towns and yell at anyone who isn’t wearing a mask. 

Zerohedge Suspended On Twitter

It is unclear what prompted Twitter’s abrupt censorship.

W.H.O. Demands ‘Gratitude And Respect’ For Chinese Dictator’s Coronavirus Response

Bizarre comments from Director-General as it becomes clear Communists have lied about scale of global pandemic.