Ireland Warns UK Will Suffer Most in “No-Deal” Brexit

Officials voice frustration over Theresa May’s negotiating

SJWs Whine That Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Is Not Black Enough To Play John Henry

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is getting flack for casting himself as an African-American folklore legend in an upcoming Netflix film he is also producing. 

Italy’s Salvini Pushes EU “Closer to Disintegration” – Greek Minister

Says Italy fights back against globalist policies that don’t work

Gosnell Movie Overcomes Establishment Censorship

Americans need to see this film.

CDC Exaggerates Flu Death Toll to Sell Vaccines – Report

Allegedly colossal death count entirely unsubstantiated

Hillary Clinton: Civility Out of the Question Unless Dems Win Midterms

Top Democrat figure greenlights Left’s intimidation, threats of violence against Republicans.

Oblivious: Bill & Hillary Clinton Readying Nationwide Stadium Tour

They actually think they’ll pull in the same crowd sizes as President Trump.

Twitter trolls force US astronaut Scott Kelly to APOLOGISE for praising Winston Churchill

‘I’ll educate myself on his atrocities and racist views’.

Michael Avenatti Turns Radioactive As Liberals Blame Porn Lawyer For Kavanaugh Confirmation

One can imagine that Avenatti vs. Trump in 2020 is no longer in the cards…

Poland Demands WW2 Reparations From Germany

Claims Germany only paid enough money to cover one percent of all loses

Farage Warns of Brexit “Betrayal”

Provides two rules on how to avoid Brexit in name only

Spain Eyes Gibraltar in Brexit Talks

Official says best chance for land grab is now

Yet Another Way the Feds Make It Harder to Save for Retirement

Trump’s proposal would be a step in the right direction

CIA Honeytrap Set – Kavanaugh Accuser Has CIA Ties?

What if this incident was a total fabrication, part of a CIA Honeytrap?

American Bar Association: Delay Kavananugh Confirmation for FBI Investigation

The ABA had previously given Kavanaugh its highest possible rating, a unanimous, “well-qualified.”

Macron Accuses Hungary of Starting “War” With EU

Says big issues are migration, climate change

McCabe Panics Over Rosenstein Ouster: I’m ‘Deeply Concerned’ Mueller Probe ‘At Risk’

Concerned criminal cabal behind phony Russia witch hunt falling apart.

Video: Rosenstein Proposed Secretly Recording Trump, Invoking 25th Amendment

And if you still had any lingering doubts that the deep state doesn’t exist…well…

UK PM Blasts EU for “Making a Mockery” of Nation

Slams union for delaying Brexit vote

Student editor who tweeted that ‘women don’t have penises’ is fired from university journal in transgender row

The postgraduate philosophy and psychology student was dismissed from his position at the university after the tweet sparked outrage.

In Socialist Venezuela the Poor Starve to Death While the Politically Powerful Feast

The regime understands that its survival depends upon keeping the guns of government pointed at the people, and not at themselves

Another Named Witness At Alleged Kavanaugh Party Denies Being Present

Says there was no such party and no such incident.

Bitter Hillary Clinton Is Still Complaining About Losing To Trump

‘It’s Hard to ignore racial subtext of virtually everything Trump says.’

Russia Threatens “Adequate Response” Against Israel For Downed Plane

“As a result of the Israeli military’s irresponsible actions 15 Russian servicemen died,” said Defense Ministry Spokesman Gen. Igor Konashenkov.

Kerry Trashes Trump Amidst Iran Row: “8-Year Old Boy With The Insecurity Of A Teenage Girl”

“He’s the first president that I know of who spends more time reading his Twitter ‘likes’ than his briefing books or the constitution of the United States.”

A Brief History of Repressive Regimes and Their Gun Laws

Being deprived of gun rights all but guarantees submission

Spain Sees Sharp Drop in Tourists

Locals feel betrayed by northern neighbors

Nimes Feria terror: Driver shouting ‘allahu akbar’ ploughs into crowd in south France

POLICE in France have arrested a man on suspicion of attempted murder after he ploughed his car into a crowd while shouting “Allah Akbar”.

Other skies, other suns: the search for exoplanet atmospheres

Weird worlds like nothing we’ve ever seen before