The city of Seattle — where else, right? — Seattle Mayor Ed Murray is looking to add what may be the first-ever tax on white people in the United States.

Murray proposed a soda tax on sugary beverages, with the windfall going to help “support various programs aimed at reducing disparities between white students and black and Latino students,” The Seattle Times reported.

More on the massive tax increase from The Times:

Under Murray’s initial plan, announced during his State of the City address in February, distributors of sugary drinks would have paid 2 cents per ounce.

The revised tax would cover sodas such as Coke and Pepsi, energy and sports drinks such as Red Bull and Gatorade, fruit drinks such as Sunny D, sweetened teas such as those sold by Arizona, and bottled coffees such as those sold by Starbucks.

Diet drinks were initially not included, at least not until social justice warriors noted that this wasn’t fair because rich white people tend to drink more diet beverages.

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