Supporters of came to its defense after GOP establishment gatekeeper Sebastian Gorka labeled the website “part of the problem.”

In a clip from his radio show “America First,” Gorka spoke to a caller who asked why he disparages Infowars.

“Well, you know they are a news channel, one of which many Americans look to and get a lot of information from, sir,” the caller told Gorka.

“I know – about transgender frogs, chemtrails and FEMA camps. They’re loonies my friend,” Gorka responds, repeating the word, “loonies.”

“You gotta look a little bit deeper than that,” the caller explains to Gorka, who was once a Deputy Assistant to the president.

“No, I don’t need to,” Gorka replies, feigning ignorance when trying to recall the name of Infowars host Alex Jones. “Because I don’t look deeper into a show where the host – what’s his name, Alex Smith, or whatever – where he thinks ripping his shirt off is news. It’s a bunch of cranks. It’s a bunch of kooks.”

“If you’re watching it,” Gorka added, “I feel sorry for you because they are part of the problem. They undermine the conservative right.”

Supporters of free speech and Infowars, which played an pivotal role in the 2016 election of President Donald Trump, rallied in defense of the site on Twitter, blasting Gorka for bashing one of the president’s strongest media allies.

“They are actually more accurate than MSM,” one keen listener responded on Twitter. “Seb you need to back down partner, AJ and InfoWars were absolutely instrumental in the 2016 election.”

“I’d rather side with Infowars than TPUSA,” said another respondent.

“Sounds elitist and anti 1A to me,” yet another commenter pointed out, adding, “Disappointed.”

“Okay Brian Stelter,” said another man, putting Gorka on par with the effeminate CNN anchor.

Read the rest of the comments on Gorka’s Twitter post for yourself, almost all of which slam the radio host for attacking Alex Jones.

Gorka also last week called on Infowars to be ejected from the 2020 Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland as reporter Harrison Smith asked why “we shouldn’t be allowed to be here?”

“This is for real conservatives, not people who are snake oil merchants and conspiracy theorists like you,” Gorka responded, despite the fact he is a spokesman for Relief Factor, a fish oil supplement. Infowars was later escorted out of the conference.

As is tradition, Jones, meanwhile, has challenged Gorka to a charity bare-knuckle boxing match, and has taken to labeling him a “gay whale”:

Recently conservative impersonator Sebastian Gorka applauded the removal of some of President Donald Trump’s biggest supporters at CPAC, the annual political conference attended by conservative activists from across the United States and beyond.

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