John A. Schrandt
May 13, 2013

Citing the U.S. Constitution, a Thursday writer stated “loose registration of guns increases the danger to the people or the state…”, and further opines it is “unlikely” the right to bear arms was intended to fight tyranny.

The Founding Fathers had just survived a long and hard-fought battle against a tyrannical government to finally enjoy the freedom for which they fought. Indeed, it is precisely because of the danger to those freedoms posed by a tyrannical government that the language of the Second Amendment gives the right to bear arms to the people.

In colonial days, the people were the militia. And throughout history, governments have sometimes killed more of their own unarmed people than did invading armies.

Does gun registration guarantee no more shootings by mentally unstable people? No more so than registering automobiles stops unlicensed, uninsured or drunken drivers from killing people. But it certainly makes it easier and inviting for governments to confiscate those guns as many citizens in many countries have discovered.

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