Kurt Nimmo
November 23, 2013

So says the Brady Campaign in a recently released video. The bad guy, a cartoon character, is shown buying an illegal gun. The video, narrated by a child, insists this sort of behavior will be corrected by background checks.

Background checks do nothing to stop criminals from buying guns on the street. The NRA points to a Bureau of Justice Statistics report that surveyed inmates on how they acquired firearms. It reveals that 79 percent received firearms from a “street/illegal source” or from “friends or family.” In other words, using background checks will do next to nothing to stop criminal use of firearms.

The video insists “40% of gun purchases bypass lifesaving Brady Background Checks because the law doesn’t adequately cover guns sold by private sellers or over the Internet.” This myth has been widely debunked.

Obama and other gun grabbers keep using the figure. It is more than two decades old and is based on flawed data collected from a survey in 1994, the same year that the Brady Act background check law went online. A Washington Post fact checker trashed the study.

The Brady gun grabbers and their political allies like billionaire New York mayor Michael Bloomberg are not going to stop until every gun sale in America is recorded in a database.

Gun grabbers will not be satisfied with merely recording firearm sales. The final and logical step will be gun confiscation.

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