Fox News has released a video demonstrating the power of the Second Amendment and the natural right of self-defense.

The video features audio taken from a 911 telephone call made by a Phoenix, Arizona woman after a man entered her home through a back door.

The burglar, Michael Lewis, was shot by the woman. He faces charges next month.

The 911 operator told the woman police were on the way, but they did not arrive in time to prevent Lewis from attacking her as she hid in a bathroom.

From AZCentral:

Lewis: “Ow! (Expletive.) What was that? What was that? What was that? (Expletive) did you do?”

Cynthia. “Did you think you could beat me half to death?”

Lewis: “I’m sorry. I’m sorry…”

Cynthia: “You bet you’re sorry you nasty thing.”

“Anti-gun lobbyists get away with proposing to completely disarm the citizens only because most citizens just assume the police will protect them,” notes a promo for a Richard W. Stevens book, Dial 911 and Die. “That assumption is false. The police cannot protect everyone — in fact the police usually have no legal duty to protect anyone.”

“Gun prohibitionist lobbyists, politicians and media have sold Americans the myth of police protection. Schools teach youngsters to ‘Dial 911.’ There was a television program with ‘911’ in the title. That phone number is perhaps the best known in the country. A generation of Americans has come to trust a telephone number for self- defense.”

The Arizona woman’s example of self-defense, of course, will probably not overcome the corporate media’s guns-are-evil meme, most recently demonstrated after a careless gun instructor was accidentally killed by a 9-year old girl.

Reality, however, trumps propaganda. The woman in Arizona is yet another example that self-defense is crucial in a society increasingly plagued by criminals and violent psychopaths. Short of using her late husband’s firearm, the woman in Phoenix would now either be dead or in a hospital and the burglar likely free to prey on other victims.

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