A second ‘blackface’ photograph of Justin Trudeau has emerged showing the Canadian Prime Minister dressed as a black man during his performance of ‘Day-O’.

Trudeau was embroiled in controversy last night after a photo emerged of him dressed as an Arab for an ‘Arabian Nights’ theme party in 2001.

The Prime Minister was teaching at an elite private school when the photo was taken.


Trudeau was forced to admit that this was not the only time he had blacked up, referring to another incident during which he dressed up as a black man and sang the Banana Boat Song (Day-O) in a faux Jamaican accent.

That picture from Trudeau’s college days has now been leaked too.

“Sources have confirmed to me that this is THE picture of @JustinTrudeau in blackface from high school that he referenced in his press conference. From the year book at Brebeuf college,” tweeted journalist Evan Solomon.

Trudeau appears to have darkened his skin and is wearing a fake afro wig.

Trudeau’s apology included his assertion that, “I didn’t consider it racist at the time, but now we know better.”

This illustrates how the PM has become another victim of the ‘progressive’ retroactive purity test, the rules to which are updated daily with no one being able to keep up with them.

Identity politics eats its own again. Glorious.

You helped make the bed, Justin. Time to lie in it.


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