James Chilton
Wyoming News.com
November 4, 2012

CHEYENNE — Most people don’t instinctively cringe when they hear of concepts like bike lanes, smart meters and high-speed rail.

But in recent years, a small but vocal contingent of citizens across the country – including here in Cheyenne – has begun to see a sinister side to those very ideas.

To them, terms like “smart growth” are really code for the eventual erosion of private property rights. They fear people in positions of power are colluding – some knowingly, some unwittingly – to convert America into a dystopian society: a land where private property is abolished, where people are forced into prescribed habitation zones, and where all natural resources are under the exclusive control of the government.

And they believe the lynchpin of this grotesque transformation of society is a little-known United Nations document called Agenda 21.

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