Editor’s note: As Yemen’s government is ‘gunning down its own citizens’, where is the 1973 UN resolution, and where are the NATO bombing raids? Where is Obama, where in Cameron, and where is Sarkozy? The international duplicity here should expose the Libyan war for the crime that it truly is.



The Independent
October 17, 2011

Yemeni security forces opened fire on anti-government protesters marching through the capital yesterday killing at least four people.

Mohammed al-Qubati, the director of a field hospital, said at least 37 people were also wounded in the violence.

Witnesses said snipers on rooftops opened fire on the crowd of tens of thousands of protesters marching through the streets to call for the resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. Yesterday’s violence comes a day after security forces fired on a massive rally of some 300,000 people in Sanaa, killing at least 12 protesters and wounding 300.

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