The Gazette
January 7, 2010

[efoods]MONTREAL – It has been almost two weeks since Shama Chopra witnessed the failed attempt to blow up a plane en route to Detroit.

On Christmas Day, she handed water bottles to passengers who had jumped the would-be bomber, on fire after trying to detonate an explosive device. Chopra, 54, was sitting four rows from the Nigerian suspect and feels that she has a story to tell.

But so far, no security official from Canada or the U.S. has called to speak to the Dollard des Ormeaux resident about her harrowing experience, and she doesn’t understand why.

“If I had died, I’m sure there would have been many statements (from Canadian officials),” said Chopra, who volunteers at the Hindu Mandir Temple in Dollard. “Now I survived, and I don’t even get a call to check (how I’m doing).”

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