Drivers take their lives into their own hands

Adan Salazar
February 3, 2014

Pizza delivery drivers in Indiana have a new appreciation for the Second Amendment after a spate of crimes left two of their colleagues dead.

Drivers for Aunt Polly’s Pizza, a pizza joint in southeast Indianapolis, are warning crooks they might be packing more than hot pies during drop offs.

“I’ve got a lifetime permit and I carry,” Polly’s employee Bill Bruton told CBS affiliate WISH.

He is one of many drivers who are on high alert after two of their colleagues were shot and killed in the line of duty in the past two weeks alone.

For Aunt Polly’s manager Jeff White, driver safety comes first.

“As long as they have gun permits,” says White, speaking about his policy allowing workers to defend themselves with lethal means if necessary.

A spokesman for Pizza Hut says they’re taking the issue “real seriously,” but so far the chain hasn’t officially stated its team members are allowed to carry.

Pizza Hut did say, however, that it has “coached” employees on driver safety, and “won’t send somebody to an unknown location out of public view.” It is also encouraging customers to help keep drivers safe by leaving porch lights on and giving accurate call-back numbers.

For Bruton, carrying a gun on the job just makes sense. “It just kind of helps you even the odds up a little bit,” Bruton said, adding that, regardless, “You’ve got to be ultra vigilant.”

Article 1, Section 32 of the Indiana State Constitution further reaffirms the Second Amendment. It indicates, “The people shall have a right to bear arms, for the defense of themselves and the State.”

One thing is certain: drivers taking steps to protect themselves “just in case” will be better prepared to confront potential dangers than those who don’t.

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