The rich and the super rich are preparing for coronavirus differently — a lot differently.

They are resorting to self-isolation, sparing no expense when it comes to minimising chances of their encounter with the deadly virus.

Of the many ways employed to bring them to have an easy escape from the outbreak, germ-free hideaways rule the roost.

The hideaways even include “military-style bunkers” — the ones that were originally aimed for protection in case a nuclear war broke out.

Mike Adams joins Gary Heavin and guest host Owen Shroyer on The Alex Jones Show to break down why we must accept the coronavirus for the bioweapon that it is before we can counter the attack.

Concierge doctors, and chartered planes are the next in line.

These private jets are being used to set off for the special disaster bunkers, located in countries that are left untouched by the worst of the Covid-19 outbreak. A few holiday homes have also been constructed in these countries.

The chartered planes also house the above-mentioned concierge doctors or nurses on their flights to treat them and their families in the event of them becoming infected.

A report suggests Robert Vicino, founder and chief executive of Vivos Group, a California-based company, said his firm has converted a cold war bunker in Indiana into accommodation for 80 people. Additionally, 575 concrete bunkers in an abandoned second world war ordnance depot in South Dakota have also been set up to provide space for accodomation.

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