Make It Eight, Eh?
January 28, 2010

Obama may be brilliant at painting solutions that in fact will further bury the U.S. economy, and the American dream…..more devastation in disguise

The Obama solution and goal is to create jobs that are directly controlled by the state, and small business will continue to suffer…..taxing the banks will further tighten credit

Where will this end? It is certainly painful to watch. Dressing up the pig does not change the fact that it is still a pig

Tired of hearing the rhetoric?

Well, that would make two of us.

The clichés of old hold merit over time because wisdom is behind them. Like, “a penny saved is a penny earned”, or “a bird in hand is worth two in the bush”. Good clichés that indeed are based on experience, the school of hard knocks, and wisdom.

The American people are waking up. We in Canada may also be waking up too. I am keenly watching world events as best I can to see how the “conspiracy theory” fits compared to the rhetoric of what they would give as an explanation.

Focusing on Obama’s State of the Union address, I am sure many could analyze every breath and word better than I, and in fact I could not bring myself to watch. Instead, I read a couple of analyses provided by journalists, and now feel impelled to put in my two cents.

Conspiracy theory would tell us that the Cap and Trade legislation on the heels of Climate Change in Copenhagen is a move to quell industrial growth. In fact, it would be a means for the globalists to squeeze out growth. And that lends itself to the question for Obama: How can he push cap and trade at the same time as saying job growth is important? The more top-heavy government control the less industrial growth, the more loss of jobs, etc. The words sound good, but where is the savvy, and the plan? And. let’s remember a vision here. Remember Obama making that special trip to Copenhagen to mirror the words of Al Gore – “the science is settled”?

Science inherently is never settled. But, if you have an agenda to push through that means you want to tax industry out of existence and create control then you would be impelled to sell it. Science can be settled if you really need it to be, even if it isn’t, right? Even if science is never truly settled it is convenient for Obama to be on the same page as Gore. But what is the reason?

Would Obama’s “settled climate issue” be tied to a relationship with Gore and others, including Maurice Strong and others at the U.N. that have a “different agenda” than that of promoting job growth in America? Sure. “You cannot serve two masters” – another great cliché that fits here.

Obama is calling for new jobs but the rhetoric is not met with a clear plan. Slashing taxes to companies that promise to keep jobs in America to the companies that take the jobs offshore, is confusing  in light of the G.M. bailout that saw billions of dollars go to offshore G.M. plants (Brazil), removing jobs from America. In short, are the taxpayers paying to have jobs leave America? And yes, that was a government decision. G.M. is owned by the government now.

[efoods]More government intervention in industry seems to be the goal. Again, climate cap and trade legislation is by design. Give the government’s  ”buddies” the work, like that window company that was promoted by the White House. Who was that great window maker again? John Stossel can tell us. Yes, “crony capitalism” at it’s finest. Imagine how happy the other window makers were to learn that the company of choice gets free advertising and promotion. And wasn’t there a huge conflict of interest between White House rep responsible for the environment and owner of that very same company? Seems a little shady. No, wait. Seems ‘a lot’ shady.

So, if you have an in, you get the business. Can we also assume that if you aren’t “in” the cap and trade taxes that would be imposed on your little company could get a little costly? Could we also assume a legislation of this magnitude and power could easily create a situation where government has a hand in everyone’s pie?

A rapid rail transit system is to create thousands of jobs? For how long, and at what social cost? Again, is this support for capitalism and small business, or promotion of state-run infrastructure? Leading to independence or reliance on the government to “take care of us”? Obama jobs lead to state control and dependence on government.

Tighter restrictions on banks will lead to passing on whatever the cost to the people. How does that correct the issue? How will this free up necessary capital and force banks to lend to small business to ensure growth, expansion, even survival?

Again, rhetoric sounds great. Dressing up the pig to look better and more digestible. At the end of the day, the pig is still a pig.

State- run this, and state-run that. Yeah, communism at it’s finest.

Keep a close eye on the rhetoric won’t you? Become a critical thinker. Get in the game, so to speak.

How is Obama going to put substance into the rhetoric? Is there a finish line that he needs to cross, and is he giving lip service to bide time to quell public unrest and distrust?

Why stop spending in a year? The economy needs an overhaul now. Stimulus and  one-off “project spending” are band-aids to structure issues. You cannot dress the pig up and expect it to become something different.

Maybe by next year the “real agenda” will be nearer and the president will not have to act on any spending cut. The point of no return will surely be that much closer. If they keep telling us of the Global agenda, why not be honest and tell the people how they see the people’s role in the new world? Why pretend sovereignty is still in the picture?

Think of your own family. If you are on the verge of bankruptcy you wouldn’t say we need to cut spending – but let’s wait till next year.  Well, would you? Just let me buy a new car, do the basement, and put in that humongous plasma T.V. dear! We are not completely out of credit. They will still lend to us! Okay?

A smoker may say, yes I will quit;  just not now.  Are we to believe him? It’s akin to saying get off my back, I have an agenda to fulfill, and the bankruptcy of the nation may just be what it is. And, while we still have nations willing to lend us money ,  I am going to  continue to tap it out.  Awesome concern for the future of Americans, Mr. President. Who cares what happens in a year, right? It may not matter.

Obama has never owned a business, nor has he had experience with the challenges it presents.

And, to that end. What agenda is the President of the United States really for? When big pharmas and Wall Street funded his entry into the White House, how can he turn his back on them? And, how can he shut the door on more of the same lobbyist system for the future candidates? I guess once your in, then you might as well lock the door.

Under the breath the global power elite  sneak in the world order vision, and then tell folks they are crazy if they try to piece together the information to suggest how the agendas of nations are leading up to it.  And remember, Al Gore is in this mix, along with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Oh, and don’t forget that little support and special trip to Copenhagen by the U.S. President. If he was  truly concerned for the people, he would  not have supported the unsettled science now would he? Gosh golly gee, that is a sure-fire sign there is a second master, and a second agenda. The agenda in the U.S. may just be how to sell more devastation by disguising the cash pig as something edible.

Obama criticized the political right and left for not getting along, and this is the reason the people of America are not served properly. Wait. I get it. When you cannot make sleazy back room deals to buy votes, and hold closed-door meetings to push through legislation, it is prudent to turn that on the political structure and blame the republicans for not agreeing to a process that they were never really a part of. The opposition party was never considered. Their opinions didn’t matter until the “Boston Tea Party”, that is otherwise known as the senate election in Massachusetts.

For critical thinkers, and the staggering numbers of people joining this group, this has become an extremely frustrating state indeed.

In Canada, with Bill C-6 and the prorogue of parliament issues, we are getting suspicious as well.

We are the people. We are the underdogs.

And, who says politics isn’t a game? It’s time to cheer for ourselves – the underdogs.

It’s time for freedom  to rise up and show “the  government machines” who is boss.

Game on underdogs!

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