Texas Sen. Ted Cruz isn’t mincing words in identifying the true culprit behind the mass influx of illegal immigrants surging past the nation’s southern border – the Obama administration.

On Monday morning, Sen. Cruz addressed the press following a tour of Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, one of the sites used to house thousands of Unaccompanied Alien Children who’ve illegally crossed the US-Mexico border from Central America, stating the Obama administration’s “lawlessness” precipitated the invasion.

“During the press conference, Cruz blamed an executive order signed by President Barack Obama back in June 2012 for creating the current surge of illegal immigration,” reports Rio Grande Valley CBS affiliate Valley Central.

Speaking alongside Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, who last week attacked the nation’s “open-door policy” and slammed the surge as an “administrative-made disaster,” Cruz pointed to the Obama administration’s policy of “deferred action” as one of the main reasons immigrants are enticed to risk their lives traveling to the U.S.

“We need to follow the law, and we need to attempt to send them back,” Sen. Cruz declared.

The Associated Press reports “Cruz and Abbott say they were told stories of children being ordered by human traffickers to cut off fingers and ears of other kids as a way of extorting money.”

“Setting up a dormitory with bright colors,” Cruz said, according to Valley Central, “does nothing for the emotional injuries children sustain,” referring to the perilous, traumatizing journey immigrants have to make through Mexico to the U.S., aided with the help of Mexican drug cartels.

Last week, Infowars revealed illegal immigrants who’ve learned simply to surrender to Customs and Border Protection agents are sheltered, fed and provided bus tickets and vouchers to anywhere in the country, so long as they have families where they are traveling and “promise” to appear at established immigration court hearings.

It was also learned that morale among Border agents has suffered, with many seeking other employment due to the practice of catching and releasing known gang members, who one Border Patrol union representative believes have been coached to produce artificial replies that all but ensure they stay in the U.S.

Though President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden have promised deportation for some, the vice president also may have backhandedly exacerbated the influx by keeping a glimmer of hope on the table. At a press conference in Guatemala last week, he said that only a “vast majority” of immigrants would be sent back to their home countries.

Biden continued, in essence providing legal advice, stating that immigrants allegedly escaping violence in their home countries “have a right under our law to make the case… that ‘We’re here because we’re avoiding persecution, we’re avoiding something [which] will physically affect our safety.”

Last week, Sen. Cruz also penned a letter to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, pleading for federal assistance in securing the southernmost border.

“Preventing people from illegally immigrating to the United States should be the primary purpose of Customs and Border Protection,” Cruz wrote. “And, although this critical task is primarily a federal responsibility, Texas is prepared to take action to gain control of our borders.”

The State of Texas has since deployed Department of Public Safety officers to the border to assist the Customs and Border Protection agency, though they are unable to enforce immigration law.

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