Senator Lindsey Graham attacked NBC News for the network’s reporting on the accusations levied against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh during an appearance on “Hannity” Monday night.

“And tonight she said, ‘well I didn’t say that he put the drugs in the punch, but he was near the punch. Why does NBC run this?” Hannity asked.

“Well NBC, here’s the biggest offense to me, they’ve been a co-conspirator in the destruction of Kavanaugh from my point of view. There was an anonymous letter received by Cory Gardner, the Senator from Colorado with no return address, no information, just a letter, accusing Brett Kavanaugh of assaulting somebody in a restaurant in 1998 in Colorado,” Graham said. “Cory hands it to the committee and somebody on the Democratic side leaked that letter, it got on the NBC Nightly News. The fourth allegation.”

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