Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid on Sunday accused FBI Director James Comey of partisanship in the presidential election campaign – “tarring Secretary [Hillary] Clinton with innuendo” while refusing to make public information about “close ties and coordination” between Donald Trump and the Kremlin.

The attack came two days after Comey in a letter to Congress said the FBI was working to establish whether or not a newly-emerged batch of emails were pertinent to the bureau’s investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server while secretary of state.

Comey’s letter, coming 11 days before the end of a bitter campaign, has caused an uproar, with the Clinton camp criticizing him for the timing and for making the announcement without knowing more.

The initial response from the Senate’s top Democrat was to urge Comey to be more transparent and provide the American public with more information than a brief letter which, he said, had triggered “rampant, baseless speculation.”

Sunday’s letter from Reid – two months away from retirement – went much further, questioning Comey’s principles, accusing him of practicing double standards, and charging that he may have broken a 77-year-old law that prohibits federal employees from using their positions in a bid to influence an election.

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