The Senate Intelligence Committee investigating “Russian collusion” has subpoenaed Jerome Corsi for emails relating to Corsi’s previous employment with Infowars.

“The committee is calling for Corsi to hand over communications, including through intermediaries, involving DCLeaks, Guccifer 2.0, WikiLeaks and any of its employees, Roger Stone, Peter Smith, Charles Johnson, the government of Ecuador, Ted Malloch, Randy Credico, Steve Bannon, Alex Jones and Henry Greenberg,” reports CNN.

As we previously reported, the Mueller investigation is looking into “hush money” payments relating to Corsi’s relationship with Roger Stone.

As we documented, this is a completely ludicrous charge with no basis in reality.

The media will now get access to Infowars emails, which will be used to spin absurd conspiracy theories about our non-existent contacts with nebulous “Russians” and Wikileaks – none of which ever occurred.

Alex Jones will host a live show at 4pm CST to discuss latest developments. Tune in here.


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