News from Jerusalem
March 1, 2010

US Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry visiting Jerusalem today said the United States and Israel were “on the same page” regarding Iran’s nuclear program and called on the international community to take a tough stance against Iran’s nuclear program and impose effective sanctions.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Senator Kerry met this morning to discuss the main issues on the agenda, including the Iranian nuclear threat and ways to resume the negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Speaking to reporters concerning the various options on the table the Senator said “I think that the prime minister is fully aware through his conversations with the administration as well as through his own comments to not be rash or not jump the gun and to give the other opportunities a chance”

On whether or not Israel would make a preemptive strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities Senator Kerry said he believed “Netanyahu understood what the U.S. was trying to achieve with diplomacy.”



British journalist warns of Israeli plot to draw USinto war with Iran

The Peninsula
March 1, 2010

DOHA: A famous British journalist and author has warned that Israel wants to draw Washington into a war with Iran.

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But the US is not falling into the Israeli trap and every time the issue comes up, the White House dispatches a senior advisor from the national security department to Tel Aviv to say no to war.

Patrick Seale who is here attending the Monaco Club conference told reporters on the sidelines of the event that Israel believes that if it wages a war against Iran on its own public opinion would force the White House to intervene, especially if Tehran targets US military interests in the Gulf.

The prospects of a war in the region do not bode well for the GCC. Many countries believe that Tel Aviv wants the GCC countries to be a target of Iran in the eventually of a war.


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