Brian D. Hill
December 4, 2011

Discovered by me while I was looking through the C-SPAN archives for New World Order related videos. I found her words in the transcripts so I downloaded the 2HR video from C-SPAN using certain streaming capture software then uploaded to YouTube. Olympia Snowe, still a Senator today, supported the bill turning the U.S. into a battleground under the NDAA, has stated that “we need a New World Order”. What a Traitor she is just like all the other crooked congress!

Around 30 seconds into the video listen closely to how she puts that we needed a New World Order so calmly that nobody would even realize it unless trained to focus on finding those traitorous politicians talking about how great a New World Order or One World Government are that is run by the Military Industrial Complex and globalist elite.

She passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) according to what was reported from Govtrack.

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