Sen. Graham: “Hit Syria.”

“Iraq and Syria combined are going to be the staging area for the next 9/11 if we don’t do anything about it,” Senator Lindsey Graham told CNN Sunday. “If Bagdad falls, if the central government falls, a disaster awaits us of monumental proportions.”

“How did we get here should be the question. Al-Qaeda in Iraq…. was on their back, just about gone,” Graham said. “They got what they wanted. The Obama administration wanted to say ‘I ended the war in Iraq and I’m going to end of the war in Afghanistan.’ This is predictable as the sun rising in the east.”

Graham, who sits on the Senate Armed Services Committee, called for airstrikes against ISIS, the CIA and Saudi created terror group advancing on the Iraqi capitol.

“This is as dangerous as it gets. We need to do something to stop their momentum,” said House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers on Sunday.

Rogers said Western terrorists with ISIS may use their passports to return home and engage in terror attacks.

U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has ordered the aircraft carrier USS H.W. Bush to the Persian Gulf and Obama said on Friday the United States will “do our part” to drive back ISIS, described as a “terrorist army” by The Wall Street Journal.

The Obama administration may use the turmoil in Iraq as a pretext to launch attacks in Syria. Pentagon officials told The Guardian on Friday the administration is looking at air strikes on targets in both Iraq and Syria.

On Saturday ISIS grabbed Adeim in Diyala province 60 miles north of Baghdad after Iraqi security forces fled. Last week the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant captured Tikrit and Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city. Clashes were reported in Dujail, Ishaqi and Dhuluiya in Salahuddin Province north of Baghdad.

“The security in Baghdad is 100 percent stable,” Iraqi military spokesman Gen. Qassim Atta told The New York Times. “The majority of Salahuddin Province has been regained. The morale of the security forces is very high.”

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