Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) spoke in defense of fellow Sen. Jeff Sessions, revealing some of the vicious racial abuse he has suffered on social media from leftists for his support of the new attorney general.

“I’m used to being attacked,” Scott said. “If you sign up to be a black conservative, the chances are very high you will be attacked. It comes with the territory.”

“My friends and my staff are not used to the level of animus that comes in from the liberal left, who suggest that I somehow am not helpful to the cause of liberal America, and therefore I am not helpful to Black America, because they see those as one and the same.”

Scott proceeded to read some of the vile tweets and messages he has received, noting, “I left out all the ones that use the ‘n-word.’ I just felt like that would not be appropriate.”

Scott read communications from Tracy Johnson, including, “Everyone in South Carolina who happens to be a left winger knows that Tim Scott is an Uncle Tom.”

Scott paused to offer a side note that the only two chiefs-of-staff in the Senate both work for Republicans.

He read multiple tweets from user Anthony Burnam, “You are an Uncle Tom Scott for Sessions. How does a black man turn on his own?” and also, “A black man who’s a racist against black people – a big Uncle Tom piece of (expletive). You are a disgrace to your race.”

Burnam’s feed is dedicated almost exclusively to promoting marijuana culture and Trump bashing.

On being called an “Uncle Tom,” Robert Smith, a black Republican and member of Mensa International, writes, “It is one of the harshest insults for a black person… Many blacks would rather associate with a murderer than with an Uncle Tom. This is not mere hyperbole. The black community eagerly embraces thugs and criminals who destroy their neighborhoods while it ostracizes its most principled members—educated and conservative blacks.”

“What I’m surprised by – just a smidgen,” said Scott. “Is that the liberal left that speaks and desires for all of us to be tolerant, do not want to be tolerant of anyone that disagrees with where they are coming from.”

“So, the ‘definition’ of ‘tolerance’ isn’t that all Americans experience a high level of tolerance, it’s that all Americans who agree with THEM experience this so-called tolerance,” he conjectured sardonically.

“I just wish that my friends who call themselves ‘liberals’ would want tolerance for all Americans – including conservative Americans,” Scott concluded. “I just wish that my liberal friends who are self-described ‘liberals’ would want to be innocent until proven guilty – and not guilty until proven innocent.”

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