A senior Department of Homeland Security official charged with assaulting a 15-year-old girl remains in his federal position at agency headquarters, according to court documents, police reports and interviews.

Austin L. Smith, executive director of DHS’s Interagency Security Committee — created in the wake of the Oklahoma City bombings to establish federal building security standards to protect against terrorist attacks — was charged with second degree assault in November, after allegedly groping and repeatedly trying to assault the 15-year-old sister of his girlfriend, according to Maryland court and police records obtained by The Intercept.

“He continued to request physical actions … I kept asking him to leave me alone and that I wanted to go to bed, he refused. I locked myself in the bathroom few times to keep him away from me, but he kept trying to get in,” the juvenile said of Smith’s actions last fall, according to her handwritten account of the alleged assault included in documents from the District Court of Maryland for Queen Anne’s County. Court records list Smith’s employer headquarters as the Department of Homeland Security.

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