I remember the olden days when one could simply laugh at insanity and mock it with great vigor.

But in this new world where men are called brave for claiming they’re actually women, while others can claim that they are a six year old girl and get adopted by another family, this girl who claims she was really born a cat is well, just par for the course.

I’m Nano, 20 years old. I have been a cat all my life. I realized I was a cat when I was sixteen when doctors and psychologists found out what was the “thing” with me. Under my birth was a genetic defect.

Calling this broad a “crazy cat lady” would be an affront to all decent “crazy cat ladies.” The worst part? This psychopath was interviewed by a legitimate reporter and appears to be taken seriously.

Sometimes I hiss when meeting dogs on the street. It’s because of their behavior and my instinct automatically reacts by hissing.”

TrailerParkBoysBubblesReaction GIF

I hate water. Water is like you get the instinct to wash yourself in the face and stuff.

TrailerParkBoysBubblesReaction2 GIF

It’s also obvious I’m a cat when I start purring and meowing.


You know, you’d think the worst part of my job is dealing with human tragedy. The shootings, the abortion the general morbidity that surrounds a 2016 news cycle. Those are bad, don’t get me wrong. But stories like this are faaaarrrrrrrrr more frustrating. It’s petty, I know. I’m a horrible person.

Why? Because I can already see the comments section now. “Well this is just absurd!”  “No one’s going to take this seriously!”

Only it will be immediately followed with, “Well, rather than mock them, why don’t you try and understand them?”  “Let people live however they want! Not cool, bro!”

The truth, is that the only reason this seems absurd today is because it isn’t quite mainstream yet. You know what seemed absurd a mere four years ago? A man winning “Woman of the Year.” But here we are. Progressivism all but ensures that this trend will be taken seriously. Why? Because progressivism disregarded science, humanity and reality a long time ago, replacing it instead with feelings and delusion. If somebody “feels” like a cat, there can be no valid leftist argument against it. There can’t. It doesn’t matter that one can’t scientifically change their species. It can’t matter. Because the left has already disregarded the blatant fact that one can not scientifically change their sex. It has never, and can not, be done. Period.

So a few years down the line, when this is all considered “normal” and everyone is asking how we strayed so far off the beam, just remember, I told you so.

Here’s a video of a 52year old tranny who claims to be a 6year old girl. Yes, he’s already taken seriously.

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