The avalanche dump of emails from John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, keep coming from WikiLeaks, exposing the insider nature and corruption within the Clinton campaign and Democratic Party. Here’s an updated list.

1. Clinton Foundation donors expected “benefits in return for gifts.”

The Daily Caller uncovered an independent “governance review” by a law firm that specializes in nonprofits. The review was requested by Mrs. Clinton’s daughter Chelsea who had concerns about the Clinton Foundation and potential conflict-of-interests with its donors, and was sharply opposed by her father’s friends and donors. The review, conducted in December 2010, concluded many of the foundation’s donors had “an expectation of a quid pro quo benefits in return for gifts.”

2. Obama’s Cabinet picked by Citigroup executive — during the bailout — a month before the election.

The New Republic uncovered an email from Michael Froman, who was an executive at Citigroup during 2008’s election, that listed potential Cabinet picks in an Obama administration, a month before the general election. The bank was being bailed out at the time.

The revelations reinforce “the need for critical scrutiny of Hillary Clinton, and for advocacy to ensure the next transition doesn’t go like the last, at least with respect to the same old Democrats scooping up all the positions of power well in advance,” the New Republic wrote.

3. Mrs. Clinton tried to save a profitable Wall Street speech before her campaign launch.

Mrs. Clinton didn’t want her husband’s speech before Morgan Stanley to be canceled before her campaign rollout, despite the bad optics, Breitbart reported.

“HRC very strongly did not want him to cancel that particular speech,” Huma Abedin said. “I will have to tell her that WJC chose to cancel it, not that we asked.”

Mrs. Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook argued that continuing on with the speech would be a political risk, saying it would be “begging for a bad rollout.”

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