Australian Senator Mitch Fifield accused the Labor Party’s Katy Gallagher of sexist hypocrisy after she accused him of “mansplaining,” a derogatory term used by feminists to discredit male speakers.

The exchange occurred during a routine community affairs committee about budget issues.

When Fifield attempted to explain to Gallagher the intricacies of internal government processes, Gallagher took umbrage, sighing before remarking, “I love the mansplaining. I’m enjoying it.”

When Fifield asked what she was talking about, Gallagher responded, “It’s the slightly patronizing and condescending way that you’re responding to my questions.”

‘Mansplaining’ is a term is used by feminists to denigrate the authority of a male speaker based on his gender – in other words it’s a sexist slur, a point that Fifield didn’t fail to emphasize.

“Well I would suggest Senator that if you’re putting the word ‘man’ in front of some description of what I’m doing, you are doing that which I’m sure you’re very much against – making a sexist implication about how I’m conducting my role as a man,” he responded.

Gallagher again accused Fifield of being “patronizing and condescending,” before Fifield shot back, “Imagine, senator, if I said you were womansplaining? Imagine the reaction!”

Gallagher argued that the word “is a term that’s used,” to which Fifield retorted, “by rude Senators who are seeking to make gender an issue.”

Fifield then delivered the knockout blow, telling Gallagher, “Stop being a hypocrite, conduct yourself appropriately for this place….I’m just calling hypocrisy.”

The exchange highlights how radical feminist rhetoric based in misandry and grievance culture is even making its way into mundane Australian committee meetings, but the way Fifield turned it around and exposed Gallagher as the real sexist was a joy to watch.


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