Kurt Nimmo
December 24, 2013

Monday was the one hundred year anniversary of the Federal Reserve.

In commemoration of two engineered economic depressions, numerous recessions, and a radically devalued dollar, a group of activists gathered outside of the Federal Reserve building in San Francisco on Monday.

Cops sent them packing. “The police action came on the same day that a number of activists had planned to hold a protest Monday, according to the Occupy SF website, on the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Federal Reserve,” CBS News in San Francisco reported.

Additional protests were held at bankster cartel compounds around the country. They received almost zero coverage from the establishment media.

As an interesting note, the San Francisco cops held their bust up of the Fed protest under the cover of rousting a homeless camp.

If the Fed is allowed to continue its wrecking ball monetary polices and inflate asset bubbles of destruction at will, most of us will be homeless before long.

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